In Nordeste there are many attractions, like the viewpoints of Ponta do Sossego, Ponta da Madrugada, Serra da Tronqueira, Farol do Arnel, Ribeira dos Caldeirões Natural Park, and other viewpoints where we have a fantastic panoramic view of the ocean.
Nordeste is well known for its vegetation and beautiful flowers, such as hydrangeas and azaleas, that embellish almost every road of Nordeste.
Here is located the Pico da Vara mountain, the highest point of São Miguel island, with an altitude of about 1105 meters. Streams of water run down its mountainous relief and through the vegetation. With an approximate extension of 1982 hectares, Pico da Vara has an abundance of endemic vegetation, very typical of Macaronesia, as well as rare and valuable flora. This is also the habitat of the priolo, an endemic bird of the island.
From Pico da Vara, a natural viewpoint, you can have an impressive panoramic view over a big part of the island, seeing places, in the south side, like the Planalto dos Graminhais, the Pico Verde and the Serra da Tronqueira, and in the west side you can see the Caldeira das Furnas hillside and Agua de Pau mountains.

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